Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Are all occupations and skill levels eligible to apply?

Yes, there are no restrictions inhibiting applicants from applying in all NOC codes and skill levels.


  1. Do I have to have a job offer to apply for recommendation?

Yes, all applicants must have a job offer from a business in the community.


  1. How long does it take to receive Permanent Residence?

After receiving a nomination from the community, applicants will receive their permanent residence within 12 months after applying to the IRCC.


  1. Can applicants with a job offer under $20 per hour still apply for this program?

No, all applicants must be offered a wage of at least $20 per hour to apply for the program. Wages set at $25 per hour will automatically be eligible while wages between $20-$24.99 will be required to meet the exemption criteria as described in the community criteria.


  1. Do applicants have to apply from outside of the country?

No, applicants may apply from within the country or abroad.  


  1. Can any employer provide a job offer?

Only eligible businesses in the community (as described in the community criteria) may participate in RNIP. Businesses can become eligible before or after they provide an offer of employment to a foreign national however applicants will not receive a community recommendation unless the business has been found eligible. For example, if a business offers a job to a foreign national and is not yet approved by the community, then the business must become approved before their employee can proceed with their applciation for recommendaiton. To determine eligibility, businesses should consult the community criteria and complete the employer declaration form.


  1. Can I apply for a job that is not posted on the RNIP Vernon job board?

Yes, candidates may apply for jobs in the community that do not appear on the RNIP Vernon job board. However, all of the jobs posted on the RNIP Vernon job board are eligible positions that have been pre-approved by the RNIP Vernon committee. If candidates apply and receive an offer for a position not pre-approved by the committee, candidates must instruct their potential employer to contact the community.


  1. Do I have to make a candidate profile?

Yes, all candidates must create a candidate profile. All required documents are to be upload to the candidate profile.


  1. Can I apply for recommendation if I already have a job in the community?

Yes, if an applicant has an eligible job in the community, they can apply for permanent residence if the following conditions are met:

  • The business is eligible or becomes eligible before applying for recommendation
  • The business proves to the community that the position was advertised and posted domestically, and that Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents were considered for the position, prior to the hiring of the foreign national.
  • The applicant creates a candidate profile and uploads all necessary documents including the official IMM 5894 Offer of employment form.


Please check back for more FAQs in the future.